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"The Woodburys: The Fam Behind the Clam - We spent a day with Pat and Barbara Woodbury, the folks behind local restaurants’ favorite buttery clams"

Boston Mag's Supply Chain

A tribute to the chefs and restaurants that feature locally grown food, The Boston Homegrown Cookbook by Leigh Belanger is a beauty. We are thrilled to be paired with Chef Barry Maiden of Hungry Mother, who creates a grilled clam dish with country ham, pickled butternut squash and Tabasco mayonnaise. Our mouth waters just writing this.

The Boston Homegrown Cookbook by Leigh Belanger

We're on Steve Paulson's To the Best of our Knowledge on PRI with nature writer, Robert Finch.

Interview and photos on NPR, To the Best of our Knowledge
"Down in Wellfleet, two former academics are raising what may be the world's finest clams."
John Willoughby, Boston Magazine
“It used to be that Ron Abell’s idea of a large crowd was dinner for 200. Now it’s more like 35,000. The former chef de cuisine of Icarus in the South End is now executive chef at Fenway Park. …Abell in his first full season with the Red Sox, is still aiming to bring restaurant-quality touches to ballpark fare. To that end suppliers such as…Woodbury’s in Wellfleet is providing shellfish.”
Emily Shartin, The Boston Globe
Boston restaurants' rising interest in regional cuisine has been a boon to local purveyors. Here's a look at some of the people who grow your salad or cultivate your clams...Pat and Barbara Woodbury's names are all over menus in Boston's better restaurants - from Rialto to ... Olives to Hamersley's."
Alison Arnett, The Boston Globe Magazine
"…the Woodburys are a prime example of what can be accomplished if you have a product you believe in, undying devotion to your craft, and a roll-up-your-sleeves (and sometimes pant legs!) determination.”
Industry Spotlight, Art Culinaire
"…the most prized littleneck clams in all of New England”
Ken Rivard, Gourmet Magazine
"I've squished through the Wellfleet tidal flats where my friends Patrick and Barbara Woodbury devote themselves to raising perfect clams..."
Jody Adams and Ken Rivard, In the Hands of a Chef, William Morrow
“I first encountered the perfect littleneck clam when I worked at Boston’s Restaurant, Jasper's in the late 1980’s. It came from Wellfleet, on Cape Cod, and was so fresh that its shells still had the blue tinge that they carry from the ocean, which fades within hours of harvest. Patrick Woodbury, a marine biologist, had started a littleneck aquaculture bed, where he harvested the clams to order, delivering them straight from the sea. He still does.”
Jay Weinstein, The Ethical Gourmet, Broadway Press
"What makes Woodbury clams so delicious has much to do with the gift of a great site—and a hands-on approach..."
Amy Albert, Fine Cooking
Peter, chef at Henrietta's Table, is one of our long-time customers and a true supporter of New England sustainable growers. He launched his new cook book last fall and we’re in it. There's a profile of us with great pics of our gorgeous crew.
Peter Davis, Fresh and Honest: Food from the Farms of New England and the Kitchen of Henrietta’s Table, Three Bean Press
"If you dine out in Boston, chances are you've eaten Woodbury's clams."
Jane Dornbusch, The Boston Herald