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10/5/14 - Harvest Fest with Chef Barbara Lynch and the Butcher Shop to celebrate the Fall season.

9/23/14 - B&G Oysters with the  New England Aquarium - Celebrate Seafood Dinner

1/13/14 - Talking shellfish sustainability at SEA, Woods Hole.

11/21/13 - New England Aquarium Lecture Series - Notes from Underwater: A Life Growing Delectable Bivalves and How Shellfish Aquaculture Can Change the World

11/8/13 - St. Botolph Club - Shellfish dinner and talk with Chef Brad Hall

9/27/13 - Boston Seafood Festival's 2nd Annual Boston Seafood Gala - the Exchange Conference Center on the Boston Fish Pier.

9/24/13 - Chef Josh Lewin - Sustainable Seafood Dinner cohosted by the Beacon Hill Bistro and the New England Aquarium.

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