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The Woodburys have been shellfish growers in Wellfleet on Cape Cod since 1986. Wellfleet waters have been the source of unique and wonderful tasting shellfish for hundreds of years and the quality of our shellfish reflects the unique marine "terroir " of our growing area and our commitment to careful handling.

Our team has been fortunate to grow our business at the intersection of the blue revolution of sustainable fishing and the fresh local food movement that have coevolved during the past 25 years. It has been our pleasure to work with many fine chefs who are dedicated to building strong relationships with local growers.

Sustainable aquaculture is the future of the fisheries on this planet. Innovative equipment and technology are vital in this emerging and rapidly evolving field. Since 1986, we have been designing, developing and researching technology for shellfish aquaculture.

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Pat and Barbara

Pat and Barbara Woodbury

Barbara and Patrick Woodbury met while doing graduate work in zoology at the University of Florida and went on to the University of Chicago working on invertebrate biomechanics before moving to Wellfleet to raise their children and a bunch of shellfish. Serving the New England area since 1986, they have received critical acclaim for their shellfish including a nomination in 2010 for a Chef’s Collaborative Sustainability Award. They enjoy life on the shellfish flats as well as working with great chefs in the Boston and New York areas.

When not on the water, the Woodburys like to garden (more raking, strangely), cook, and build things (like their house and barn). Barbara is a painter and does web design (whosewoodsdesign) and programming and Pat is a carpenter and is interested in architectural visualization. Pat also plays guitar for BaldSpot, the hardest working garage band in America.

Paul shucking oysters Pat and Deniz on the flats Pat and Ian on the flats boots on the flats truck Nick and Sam shoveling sand for cages summer flats